From 2018 on, the "Cahiers" become Open Access. The quarterly issues will be freely downloadable at the beginning of the corresponding quarter (through hypertext links on the corresponding issue).

VOLUME LX (2019)
  Fascicule 1  
    M. MENNI, Every sufficiently cohesive topos is infinitesimally generated
    T. COTTRELL, A study of Penon weak n-categories, Part 2: A multisimplicial nerve construction
  Fascicule 2  
    NAKAOKA & PALU, Extriangulated categories, Hovey twin cotorsion pairs and model structures.
    HESSE & VALENTINO, The Serre automorphism via homotopy actions and the cobordism hypothesis for oriented manifolds

Fascicule 3

    E. DUBUC & A. KOCK, Column Symmetric Polynomials
    M. GRANDIS & R. PARE, Persitent Double Limits
    J. PENON, Compatibilité entre deux conceptions d'Algèbre sur une Opérade
    W. THOLEN, Lax Distributive Laws for Topology, I
  Fascicule 1  
    A.C. EHRESMANN, The 60 first years of the "Cahiers"
    COCKETT & CRUTTWELL, Differential bundles and fibrations for tangent categories
  Fascicule 2  
    ROBERTS & VOZZO, Smooth loop stacks of differentiable stacks and gerbes, 95
    D. BOURN, Suprema of equivalence relations and non-regular Goursat categories, 142
  Fascicule 3  
    T. COTTRELL, A study of Penon n-weak categories, Part I: Monad Interleaving, 197
    FIORENZA, SCHREIBER & VALENTINO, Central Extensions of Mapping Class Groups from Characteristic Classes 260
    NEW BOOKS, 299
  Fascicule 4  
    HOFMANN & STUBBE, Topology from enrichment: The curious case of partial metrics, 307
    C. VASILAKOPOULOU, On enriched fibrations, 354
    HAMMACK & KAINEN, Cooperative properties and connected sum, 388
    TAC, Contents of Volume 32 (2017), 405
  Fascicule 1  
    GRANDIS & PARE, Adjoints for multiple categories (on weak and lax multiple categories, III), 3
    M. BARR, On certain topological *-autonomous categories, 49
    R. GUITART, Autocategories: III. Representations, and expansions of previous examples, 67
  Fascicule 2  
    MAY, ZAKHAREVICH AND STEPHAN, The homotopy theory of equivariant posets, 82
    A. KOCK, Affine combinations in affine schemes, 115
    AOKI & KURIBAYASHI, On the category of stratifolds, 131
  Fascicule 3&4  
    GRANDIS, G. JANELIDZE & MARKI, Two- and one-dimensional combinatorial exactness structures in Kurosh-Amitsur radical theory, I, 165
    Sean TULL, Condition for an n-permutable category to be Mal'tsev, 189
    GRANDIS & PARE, A multiple category of multiple lax-categories, 195
    S. VICKERS, Arithmetic universes and classifying toposes, 213
  Fascicule 1
  CHRISTENSEN & ENXIN WU, Tangent spaces and tangent bundles for diffeological spaces, 3
  HOSSEINI & QASEMI NEZHAD, Equalizers in Kleisli categories, 51
  Fascicule 2
  T. JANELIDZE-GRAY, Calculus of E-Relations in incomplete relatively regular categories, 83
  GRANDIS & PARE, An introduction to multiple categories (On weak and lax multiple categories, I) 103

  Fascicule 3
  GRANDIS & PARE, Limits in multiple categories (On weak and lax multiple categories, II), 163
  W. RUMP, The completion of a quantum B-algebra, 203
  N. GILL, On a conjecture of Degos, 229
  Fascicule 4
  BLUTE, LUCYSHYN-WRIGHT & O'NEILL Derivations in codifferential categories, 243
  J. BOURKE, Note on the construction of globular weak omega-groupoids from types, topological spaces..., 281
  W. THOLEN, A mathematical tribute to Reinhard Börger, 295



Fascicule 1


A. KOCK, Duality for generic algebras 2
J. CH ICHE, Théories homotopiques des 2-catégories 16
A. E HRESMANN, Parcours d'un Topologue-Catégoricien : Jean-Marc Cordier (1946-2014) 76



Fascicule 2


D. ARA, Structures de catégorie de modèles à la Thomason sur la catégorie des 2 -catégories strictes 83
S. A. S OLOVYOV. Localification procedure for affine systems 109
E. MEHDI-N EZHAD, Abstract annihilation graphs 133
L. STRAMAC CIA, The coherent category of inverse systems 147


Fascicule 3


BARR, KENNISON &RAPHAEL, On reflective and coreflective hulls 162
SHEN & THOLEN, Limits and colimits of quantaloid-enriched categories and their distri bu tors 209
CARLETTI& GRANDIS, Genera lised pushouts, connected colimits and codiscrete groupoids 232


Fascicule 4


P. GAUCHER, The geometry of cubic al and regular transition systems
242 COCKETT & CRUTTWELL. The Jacob i id ent ity for tangent categories 301
RESUMES des articles parus dans le Volume LVI 317




Fascicule 1


DESCOTTE & DUBUC, A theory of 2-pro-objects 2
BEZHANISHVILI & HARDING , Stable compactifications of frames 37
R. GUITART, Autocategories: I. A common setting for knots and 2- catgories 66


Fascicule 2


MARTINS-FERREIRA& VAN DER LINDEN, Categories vs. groupoids via generalised Mal’tsev properties 83
M. MENNI, Sufficient cohesion over atomic toposes 113
R. GUITART , Autocategories: II. Autographic algebras 151


Fascicule 3 :


D. GARRAWAY, Q-valued sets and relational sheaves 161
ALLOUCH& SIM PSON, Classification des matrices associées aux catégories finies 205


Fascicule 4


EHRESMANN, GRAN & GUITART, New editorial Board of the "Cahiers" 242
LACK & STREET, On monads and warpings 244
BERTRAM &SOUVAY, A general construction of Weil functors 267
TAC : Theory and Applications of Categories 314
RESUMES des articles parus dans le Volu me LV 317




Fascicule 1


E. CHENG, A direct proof that the category of 3-computads is not cartesian closed 3
R. GUITART, Trijunctions and triadic Calois connections 13
J. E. BERGNER, Derived Hall algebras for stable homotopy theories 28
J.-Y. DEGOS, Linear groups and primitive polynomials over Fp 56
C. KACHOUR, Correction to the paper "Operadic definition of the non-strict cells" (2011) 75


Fascicule 2 : 1er fascicule dédié à René Guitart


M. GRANDIS, Adjoints for symmetric cubical categories (on weak cubical categories, III) 91
S. DUGOWSON, Espaces connectifs : représentations, feuilletages, ordres et difféologies 137


Fascicule 3 : 2ème fascicule dédié à René Guitart


BOURN, MARTINS-FERREIRA & VAN DER LINDEN, A characterisation of the "Smith is Huq" condition in the pointed Mal'tsev setting 163
EVERAERT, GOEDECKE & VAN DER LINDEN, The fundamental group functor as a Kan extension 184
J.-Y. DEGOS, Borroméanité du groupe pulsatif 211
ABBAD & VITALE, Faithful calculus of fractions 221


Fascicule 4 : 3ème fascicule dédié à René Guitart


D. BOURN, Normality, commutation and suprema in the regular Mal'tsev and protomodular settings 243
BARANOV & SOLOVIEV, Equality in Lambda Calculus. Weak universality in Category Theory and reversible computations 264
J.-P. LAFFINEUR, Esquissabilite projective des espaces difféologiques 292
A. EHRESMANN, Parcours d'un mathématicien aux multiples facettes 298
RESUMES des articles parus dans le Volume LIV 317




Fascicule 1


G. MALTSINIOTIS, Carrés exacts homotopiques et dérivateurs 3
E. MANES, Varieties generated by compact metric spaces 64


Fascicule 2


M.L. del HOYO, On the homotopy type of a (co)fibred category 82
M. GRANDIS, A lax symmetric cubical category associated to a directed space 115


Fascicule 3


K. WALDORF, Transgression to loop spaces and its inverse, I: Diffeological bundles and fusion maps 162
BLUTE, EHRHARD & TASSON, A convenient differential category 211
R. GUITART, Pierre DAMPHOUSSE, mathématicien (1947-2012) 233


Fascicule 4


FIORE, GAMBINO & J. KOCK, Double adjunctions and free monads 242
BRODOLONI & STRAMACCIA, Saturation for classes of morphisms 308
RESUMES des articles parus dans le Volume LIII




Fascicule 1


KASANGIAN, METERE & VITALE, The Ziqqurath of exact sequences of n-groupoids 2
M. GRANDIS, Singularities and regular paths (an elementary introduction to smooth homotopy) 45
HARTL & LOISEAU, A characterization of finite cocomplete homological and of semi-abelian categories 77

  Fascicule 2

CHENG & GURSKI, The periodic table of n-categories II: Degenerate tricategories 82
BARILE, BARONE And TULCZYJEW, The total exterior differential 126


Fascicule 3


G. SEAL, On the monadic nature of categories of ordered sets 163
BROWN & STREET, Covering morphisms of crossed complexes and of cubical omega-groupoids are closed under tensor product 188
KENNEY & PARE, Categories as monoids in Span, Rel and Sup 209


Fascicule 4


DUBUC & YUHJTMAN, A construction of 2-cofiltered bilimits of topoi 242
BLUTE, COCKETT, PORTER & SEELY, Kähler categories 253
C. KACHOUR, Operadic definition of non-strict cells 269
RESUMES des articles parus dans le Volume LII 317

  Fascicule 1: 3nd issue dedicated to F. Borceux

ADAMEK & SOUSA, On quasi-equations on loc ally presentable categories II:Alogic 3
MC CURDY & STREET,What separable Frobenius monoidal functors preserve? 29
I. STUBBE, "Hausdorff distance" via conical cocompletion 51
Theory and Applications of Categories: Information on the Journal TAC 77


Fascicule 2: 3nd issue dedicated to F. Borceux


E. VITALE, Bipullbacks and calculus of fractions 83
JANELIDZE, MARKI, THOLEN & URSINI, Ideal determined categories 115
M.M. CLEMENTINO & GUTIERRES, On regular and homological closure operators 127
EVERAERT & VAN DER LINDEN, A note on double central extensions in exact Mal'tsev categories 143

  Fascicule 3

J.R.A. GRAY, Representability of the strict extension functor for categories of generalized Lie algebras (dedicated to F.Borceux) 162
E. BURRONI & PENON, Representation of metric jets (dedicated to F.Borceux) 182
CHENG & MAKKAI, A Note on the Penon definition of n-category 205
A. KOCK, Abstract projective lines 224

  Fascicule 4

W. RUMP, Objective categories and schemes 243
EBRAHIMI, MAHMOUDI & RASOULI, Characterizing pomonoids S by complete S-posets 272
S. DUGOWSON, On connectivity spaces 282


  Fascicule 1: 3nd issue dedicated to J. Adámek

KARAZERIS & VELEBIL, Representability relative to a doctrine 3
MILIUS & MOSS, Equational properties of recursive program scheme solutions 23
L. SOUSA, On boundedness and small-orthogonality classes 67

  Fascicule 2

E. CHENG & M. MAKKAI, A note on the Penon definition of n-category 83
M. GRANDIS, The role of symmetries in cubical sets and cubical categories 102
R. GUITART, Klein's group as a borromean object 144
M. BUNGE, J. FUNK, M. JIBLADZE & T. STREICHER, On the paper "Definable completeness" 156

Information on the electronic Journal TAC 155

  Fascicule 3: 1st issue dedicated to F. Borceux

M. GRAN & G. JANELIDZE, Covering morphisms and normal extensions in Galois structures associated with Galois theories 171
R. BÖRGER & R. KEMPER, Infinitary linear combinations in reduced cotorsion modules 189
J. ROSICKY, Are all cofibrantly generated model categories combinatorial? 233
D. BOURN & G. JANELIDZE, Centralizers in action accessible categories 211

  Fascicule 4: 2nd issue dedicated to F. Borceux

M. GRANDIS, Limits in symmetric cubical categories (On weak cubical categ ories, II) 242
J. ADAMEK & M. HEBERT, On quasi-equations in locally presentable categories 273
Z. JANELIDZE, Closedness properties of internal relations, VI: approximate operations 298